WB•Koester Construction (WBK), is a division of Weddle Bros. Construction Company, Inc. of Bloomington, IN. WB-Koester operates a divisional office in Evansville, IN.  Our core business is heavy civil projects where we focus on mass excavation and grading in four primary markets:

  • POWER – New Site Development, Existing Plant Expansions and Decommissioning, Ash Ponds, CCP Landfills, Raw Water Impoundments
  • INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL SITE DEVELOPMENT – Mass Grading, Roadways and Railways, Building Pads, Storm Water Drainage, Aggregate Base Placement, Erosion Control, Lime Stabilization
  • COAL MINING CONSTRUCTION SERVICES – Reclamation, Overburden Removal, Portal Excavation, Refuse and Water Impoundments, Railroad Access Spurs and Load-out Loops
  • TRANSPORTATION – Highways, Railroads, Airports and other transportation related infrastructure

WBK primarily focuses on projects within a 250 mile radius of Evansville, IN.  However, we will perform work beyond this geographic area to meet the demanding needs of our valued clients.  We typically serve IN, IL, KY, and TN.  However, we have also preformed work in MI, OH, MO, GA, OK, NB, and CO.

Our management staff has over 200 combined years of construction experience. We understand that today’s demanding production schedules require meticulous coordination between: owners, engineers, and contractors.  You will find WBK an attentive “team player” in any kind of project situation.

Contact us today and put our team to work for you!