WBK has provided excavation and development services to Midwest Mining Communities for over 40 years.  Project scopes have included Top Soil and Sub-soil Stripping, Reclamation, Roadwork, Soil Stabilization, Underground Mine Slope & Portal Excavation,  new Slurry & Refuse Impoundments, and Cover & Close Activities for existing storage areas.

WBK is also experienced at the grade and drain scopes for rail access as well as the construction of Rail Load-out Loops (both single and double track). WBK has built 2 such loops in recent years for ALCOA and Gibson County Coal.  These loops allow our customers to ship to their energy-producing clients in long “Unit Train” configurations of 75 – 100 cars.

Whether the project is a new start-up requiring full turn-key site work or an existing facility needing to expand storage areas for gob or slurry, WBK is up to the challenge.

I wanted to personally thank you and your competent staff for the remarkable completion of the Gibson County Coal Load-Out Facility. It is truly amazing what was accomplished on this project.
— Larry Klobuka, P.E. - Chief Engineer, Gibson County Coal, LLC.