WB•Koester Construction, LLC (WBK) is a full service mass excavation and grading contractor located in Evansville, IN.  Utilizing a skilled workforce, WBK consistently adds value to each client’s bottom line by delivering high productivity, while also keeping a watchful eye on safety and cost containment.  WBK has built its solid reputation with integrity, quality performance, and the development of long-term client relationships throughout the Midwest.

WB•Koester is committed to providing outstanding service to the following markets:

  • Power Plants - Site Development, Ash Pond and CCR Landfill Construction
  • Industrial and Commercial - Site Development, Rail Access, Load-out Loop Construction
  • Coal Mine and Quarry - New Development, Overburden Removal, Refuse Impoundments, Portal Excavations, Reclamation Projects
  • Transportation - Highways, Railroads, Airports and other transportation related infrastructures