WB•Koester (WBK) can perform a variety of services, including but not limited to: Site Development, Clearing & Grubbing, Mass Excavation & Grading, Storm Water Control, Railway Sub-grade & Drainage, Roadwork, Erosion Control, Aggregate & Rip Rap Placement, Soil Stabilization, Land Reclamation, and Wetland Mitigation.

WBK has over 40 years of experience performing projects for major energy generation companies throughout the Midwest. Our clients have included AEP, ALCOA, Ameren, Big Rivers Electric, Duke Energy,  Electric Energy Inc., Hoosier Energy, IP&L, NIPSCO, Prairie State Energy, in recent years. 

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WBK has assisted several world class companies construct new manufacturing, distribution, and retail facilities throughout the Midwest. WBK can perform site work tasks such as Mass Excavating & Grading, Deep Foundations, Storm Water Piping, Structures and Basins, Soil Stabilization, Rail Grade Sub-base & Ballasts, Building Pad Preparation, and other work related to new facility construction.

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WBK performs site work for new construction as well as expansions. Tasks performed include Site Development, Refuse Impoundments, Overburden Removal, Portal Excavation, Reclamation, and Slope Excavation for both mining and quarry projects. 

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WBK can provide Clearing, Grubbing, Mass Grading, Sub-grade Preparation, Soil Stabilization, Aggregate Base Placement, Storm Drainage Piping/Structures, and Erosion Control Measures for large roadways, railroads, airport runways, or any other heavy civil transportation project. 

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